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Torino Bar and Restaurant is the place to be for party lovers, families and couples to enjoy an evening or afternoon together. At Torino Bar and Restaurant, you will find a relaxing environment for kids, love birds and even corporate events. We have dedicated ourselves to offering quality services to all our customers in a bid to make them comfortable as long as they are at our premises.

Torino Bar and Restaurant isn’t your average sports bar but an all-inclusive place to spend time with your family unwinding in the evening or during the weekends. The facilities, ambiance and look make it appealing to all ages. Once you are in, you never get disappointed as the food and drinks only compliment the image of the bar and restaurant.

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Torino Bar and Restaurant offers a wide range of cuisines, special arrangements such as birthday party reservations, anniversaries and weddings. We also have space for conferences or corporate events such as end year parties for companies. Apart from the quality food and variety of drinks, our team members are very welcoming making it easy for you to feel at home once you get to Torino Bar and Restaurant.
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Torino Bar and Restaurant does not only offer near perfect services, food, facilities and drinks but also ensures that they come at an affordable price. Pricing is a major concern for most people living in the city and to ensure that our clients are comfortable, we make it our business to seek locally available ingredients in order to reduce the cost of production.